Built in 369 BC, in an atmosphere of celebration and hope for the future, by the general Epaminondas after the victory over the Spartans in the battle of Leuctra. A new era began for the Spartans. They returned from exile and under the direction of Epaminondas decided to build a new city, called Messina. The town nestles in the southern and western slopes of the mountain Ithomi in the modern village Mavrommati. The city got its name from the first queen of the region, Messina.

The city was protected by a circular wall (parts are preserved today) 9km long. It is considered one of the finest specimens of fortification in the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C. Four main gates survived, the Arcadian being the main one. The center of the walled city is located in the village Mavrommati.  Ancient Messini was a city with public buildings and houses, temples, theater, stage and cemetery. In key positions you will find information boards explaining the purpose and the true picture of the buildings, which are thus positioned to guide you around the city from the theater at the top through the Market and the Asclepion to the wonderful stadium. (37km)