The capital of the prefecture of Messinia. It is built at the foot of Mount Kalathi (border of Taygetos). Above the city there is a castle on the north side of which a small Byzantine church is preserved, which was dedicated to the Virgin Kalamata, from whom the name of the city might have been given.

Below the castle lies the old town. There is the Byzantine church of the Visitation and the Convent Nuns, where the nuns weave the famous silk. In the city there are many churches with the old historic church of the Holy Apostles (13th c.) where the Revolution of the Greeks against the Turks s was officially declared on 23 March 1821.

Kalamata has a Folklore Museum, Gallery and Library of 60,000 volumes.

Every summer in the amphitheater of the castle concerts and theatrical performances are organized.

Don’t forget to visit the beautiful beach of Kalamata, where many taverns and coffee bars are located (27km).